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Looking for help with SAP? why not buy a copy of my book "SAP - A Map of the Minefield"

I have 30 years experience in implementing fully integrated business software solutions for major organizations. 20 years of this has been as an SAP consultant. I have been heavily involved in many full cycle implementations and I have written a book based on my experiences. This shows you how to get the most out of SAP whether you are a user involved in an implementation, a director tasked with making a success of an SAP implementation in your organization, or anything in-between.

The book can be purchased from or just click on the appropriate link. The book is VERY inexpensive (available from around £10 or $15 plus shipping and worth every penny / dime !!! )


Some of the feedback from happy readers


***** Sound Advice from a veteran SAP Consultant Independent advice from an independent SAP consultant. Years of experience translate into sound advice, some common sense but most based upon field experience. Highly recommended reading for those doing a SAP project for the first time.


*****Excellent!This is an excellent book for the functional consultant, project manager or business professional seeking to implement SAP in their organization. I found the information invaluable and YES I GET it, use the STANDARD SAP software! It was not hard to read (even though the book could use some serious editing) and I simply could not put it down! I wished he would have given more direct information on how to break into SAP as career, for obvious and understandable reasons there's so much bias against junior consultants. In either case I got great information from it and I recommend it highly.


*****A must-read for individuals and management teams involved in an SAP implementation.This is by-far the best text on the market that outlines the options and consequences from different paths that can be chosen in an SAP implementation. While each company's SAP implementation is different, in many ways, each implementation is also alike. The author provides a balanced view of pro/con implications and risks that can arise from a business and general management viewpoint. 


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